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Call Us: (817) 717-7157

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Call Today: (817) 717-7157
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Call Us: (817) 717-7157
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Call Us: (817) 717-7157
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Call Us: (817) 717-7157

Ft. Worth Texas Investment Management Firm

Panther Capital Group provides investment management and financial consultation services. The firm is a fee-only independent adviser focused on providing its clients with exceptional, differentiated service. Investment decisions are based solely on the suitability of the investment for the client rather than commissions.

Based in Fort Worth, Panther Capital Group was founded in 2009. Our focus is to provide a level of service typically reserved for high-net-worth individuals to all of our clients, regardless of account size.

Call us today: (817) 717-7157

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Investment Management

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Valuing a rigorous, time-tested approach, our investment management method uses a portfolio management process grounded in the CFA Institute’s guiding principles: Planning, Execution and Feedback.


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Our focus is to create long-term and personal partnerships with our clients. We are passionate about providing a flexible, easy-to-understand approach to investment management in order to help our clients reach their financial goals.

Small Cap Specialists

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The investment industry is a large and competitive space, but there are few investment professionals dedicated to the small cap sector of the market. At Panther Capital we roll up our sleeves and find great investment ideas via our original stock research using bottom-up fundamental analysis.